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A Titan of a Man
Coach of the Famous '71 Titans

We love you!
We miss you!
You will forever be
Titan of a man in our hearts!

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ABOUT A Titan of a Man
AUTHOR Paula Hines Lonergan
PURCHASE Paperback (1st ed.)

Paul "Doc" Hines was a well-loved and respected wining football and basketball coach in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area throughout the sixties, seventies, and eighties. His character was featured in the "Disney" movie, “Remember The Titans.” Paula Hines Lonergan has written this poignant memoir of her father, whom she loved dearly, and appreciated the lessons she learned from him including the value of family, the importance of perseverance, and self-love. This is a fascinating story about life and football, and a touching portrait of a father and his daughter, re-written in a fresh and entertaining voice.


Copies of the First Edition of A Titan of a Man in paperback are available at www.amazon.com.


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Is A Titan of a Man, second edition, eventually going to be online at Amazon?

Yes, we are in the process now of putting the A Titan of a Man as an e-book online.

What kind of company is Lulu?

Lulu is new model in publishing — open publishing — that empowers more creators to sell more content to more readers more profitably than ever before. Through their open publishing platform, they help creators make works available in multiple formats and markets and improving discovery so buyers can more easily find the content they need. They were founded in 2002.

Can I still buy paperback copies of the first edition of A Titan of a Man?

Yes, you can order directly through Amazon.com

Is Coach Hines still alive?

He died recently on March 31, 2012. He leaves behind such a positive impact on so many of the lives he touched.

Did he get to see this revised version of A Titan of a Man?

He got to hear it, as the whole new manscript was read to him before he died.

Where can I learn more about the life of Coach Hines?

Of course, you can do so by reading the book A Titan of a Man, however, you can also visit his webiste at www.coachpaulhines.com.

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